Monday, August 30, 2010

Trippin hot chocolate

Since I'm kinda dyslexic I read the post below this one and thought I saw "Trippin hot chocolate" and I just woke up from a nap so I was wondering what the heck I just wrote. Also, someone is smoking a cigar near my room and the smoke keeps blowing in. I'ma kick someone in the teeth.

Tennis toast.

Tropical hot chocolate?

Sometimes I leave my drink in the car just sitting in the cup holder and then it gets warm and gross but I drink it anyways cuz it'd be a shame to waste it. Recently I left my tropical flavored Fuze in the car and in direct sunlight. When I got back to the car, the Fuze was hot. Not just warm from sitting in the car, it was actually HOT. Not wanting to waste it, I tipped it back. I think from now on whenever I'm bored I'll take some Fuze and warm it up in the microwave. Hot tropical drink is good.

Tea children.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wait a sudden...

Okay, so we all know the saying "All of a sudden..." right? So, in essence, that's saying "All of one sudden" therefore saying a "sudden" is a measurement of time, correct? If this is true, how long is a sudden? Is it faster than an instant or shorter? Could you tell someone to wait a sudden? Or possible, if you were REALLY fast, tell them to wait HALF of a sudden?


Sunny Day Quote

So one of my favorite little girls (from Sunny Day) says the most random crap no one would ever think of. Her latest quote is:

"When I'm rich I'm going to buy a brand new car and fill it with old guys!"

Um, okay hahahaha. In case you were curious she's the girl who does my answering machine. That's why it's so random.

818 Valley.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Truck red?

When my brother and I were little and had nothing else to do we would play this game where we said 2 words really fast and then we would try to guess which one was being said first and which was second. So, one would start "Red truck red truck red truck red truck red truck red truck red truck..." etc and then at some point the other would guess. Obviously you can tell I started with "red" up there but it's different in real life. I'm pretty sure I was a pro.

Two comma kids.

Juicey Juice

So when I was little I would open up the Welche's juice concentrate containers, the one with the frozen stuff, and just eat that with a spoon because when I made it into juice it was ALWAYS too watered down. No matter how little water I put in it just wasn't good. I need the pure stuff.

Where are my dungus clothes?