Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Girl

Sooo Sophie made me watch Marley & Me the other day. Up until then I had refused up and down to watch the movie because I knew it was going to make me cry. Wellll she talked me into it and I watched it. Guess what? I cried for the last fourth of the movie and then for half an hour afterward. Oh yeah, cried. I wasn't just a bit misty. Tears welled up in my eyes and went streaming down my face by the boatloads. I couldn't help it! Marley reminded me of my yellow lab, Dyna, from when I was growing up. We got her when I was about one and I had her for fifteen years. She was my girl, and now I miss her even more :(

Gee thanks, Sophie, for making me cry loads and loads in front of you. Awesome, hahaha.


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Monday, April 18, 2011

Like a Rock

So for anyone who knows me in real life or has read some of the archived posts from my blog (specifically this one) knows I'm an EXTREMELY heavy, yet very active sleeper. My best friend Zach has taken to writing down some of the gibberish I say in my sleep.

My latest conversation, according to him, was about me trying to trade apples for chocolate. Apparently I sat straight up and asked "How many apples is a chocolate worth? I'm not sure how many apples I can trade for one piece of chocolate." Then I mumbled a few more things about how I was confused on the exchange rate and laid back down. What the HELL was I dreaming?

For those awaiting more frequent updates, my apologies as I've been very busy as of late. I try to keep 2 or 3 updates a week but things don't always work according to plan. I hope you continue to check in with me and enjoy the crap I write :) Also, I know the last few haven't been of the best quality compared to my archives. Don't worry, I'll get the weird funny stuff up here again.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lost Her Marbles

My mom is nuts, I swear. She's always saying gibberish stuff and forgetting she asked me questions and so on. One such incident I decided to write down. This happened mid-January while I was still on winter break. The conversation went something like this:

Mom (looking in our fridge): I'm so sorry for-
Me: Wha?
Mom (still in fridge): Oh you're gonna acknowledge-
Me: Mom, you just said 2 incomplete sentences. What are you talking about?
Mom: Dates, prunes and applesauce! (Pulls some random container of goop out of the fridge)
*Me sitting there completely dumbfounded and confused*

WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?! I have no idea what was going on in her head or what she was saying/meaning to say. My mom has lost it.

Stump-jumpin Jethro and the funky bunch.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get by with a little help

If you're bored, head over and check out this I recently made. It's a wussy prank I pulled on my friend Kevin. Problem is I need something better. Help me out, my friends?

Use me up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let me show you them

Whenever I doze off for a couple seconds I have extremely quick, full dreams. They're also really weird so I quick write them down before I forget them. My latest one, which lasted about 10 seconds in real life, was about a guy who was pissed at me. Why was he pissed? Well, I play this game (It's called Dragon Warrior Monsters, it's on the Gameboy Color) that's basically like Pokemon. In my dream, the man couldn't bet on my monsters in the battle they were in (for some reason) and instead he had to bet on Hockey. HO BOY was he PISSED. Go figure.

Infrequent Smiles.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My favorite song to clip my nails to is Sister Christian by Night Ranger, in case you were wondering.