Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lost Her Marbles

My mom is nuts, I swear. She's always saying gibberish stuff and forgetting she asked me questions and so on. One such incident I decided to write down. This happened mid-January while I was still on winter break. The conversation went something like this:

Mom (looking in our fridge): I'm so sorry for-
Me: Wha?
Mom (still in fridge): Oh you're gonna acknowledge-
Me: Mom, you just said 2 incomplete sentences. What are you talking about?
Mom: Dates, prunes and applesauce! (Pulls some random container of goop out of the fridge)
*Me sitting there completely dumbfounded and confused*

WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?! I have no idea what was going on in her head or what she was saying/meaning to say. My mom has lost it.

Stump-jumpin Jethro and the funky bunch.


  1. olol i love those kind of situations

  2. She's not even that old! She's 53 hahaha

  3. I think everyone thinks their parents are nuts.

  4. My mother goes crazy on purpose.

  5. that's what happens when people get old lol

  6. My mom does it all the time. She's even unaware of it.

  7. Lol my mom does the same! It must have to do with aging.

  8. as long as its just a one time thing.

  9. I'll get one up ASAP. It was a super busy weekend and a large exam today :(