Saturday, December 18, 2010

Minding my own business...

So I was digging through my pantry and found a few containers of cookies my grandma had dropped off. Knowing the cookies were going to be hard as rocks (almost literally), I decided I'd go for some of the softer looking baked goods. I pulled out some filled pastry looking thing and then became disgusted as I realized it was filled with prunes or dates or some volatile mixture of the two.

I asked my mom if my nose was correct in assuming what was in them. She simply replied, "Yup! Hunny, pooping's in our blood. Everyone in the family loves prunes/dates. Pooping's in our blood."

Dear god, never repeat those words again while I'm trying to find something sweet to eat.



  1. If you put a slice of bread in a box of hard cookies, the cookies will absorb some of the bread's moisture (or something--I'm just guessing that's how it works) and the cookies will get soft and the bread will get hard! That's a magical grandma tip I learned from a l.o.l. (which stands for 'little old lady' according to Ben's grandma!)

  2. After reading this I wasn't lmao, that would be an unfortnate situation for all involved BUT I genuinely lol. Your mom is wacky! I love it. I'm going to have to hang out with her and witness some crazy firsthand. Does she share her crazy openly or would I have to have an in first. Ask and let me know.