Friday, May 28, 2010

Good day

So I walk into work today and I meet this new woman we hired. Paying her no mind, I went to help another woman in the kitchen with whatever she needed as all the kids were tended to already. I walk in and immediately she starts telling me about how she's sick of being poor and living paycheck to paycheck and all this stuff. If you wanted to grow up and not be poor, maybe PARTYING AND SMOKING POT ALL THE TIME AND THEN HAVING THREE KIDS INSTEAD OF GOING TO COLLEGE AND GETTING AN EDUCATION was a poor 4 year plan, yeah? Sorry for being harsh but when I looked at those "Tips for Success!" posters posted around my elementary school, I don't remember seeing "Reading, Getting Your Work Done, Smoking the Bagooshky," on them.

Anyways, after being regaled by that wonderful story, she then proceeded to tell me about this movie on conspiracies that was supposed to BLOW MY MIND and OPEN MY EYES, because apparently me being 19 means I'm completely impressionable (i.e. dumb as a sack of doorknobs) and that I have no idea about what REALLY happens in the government. Obviously, because a video said it, it MUST be true. Pearl Harbor was quite obviously staged and OF COURSE the Bush family caused the stock market crash back in the 1920's on purpose. I mean, I'd probably believe all of that except for the little flaw those both have in common, being that NONE OF THAT HOLDS ANY WATER, HAS ANY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE, OR MAKES ANY GOD DAMN SENSE. I am surprised daily by the amount of crap you can jam down ignorant people's throats.

Entertaining as that was, I decided to go help someone else out with whatever they needed. As I walked by my boss' office, she yanked me in and closed the door. While fighting back howling laughter and tears, she proceeds to tell me that the new woman (the one who's 28, has two kids and a tramp stamp) thinks I'm SUPER HOT. Oh god, this is going to be a loooong summer.


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