Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shit people do while driving that I hate

Sooo I'm driving out of my town and there's a long stretch of straight road where it picks up to 45 mph before it hits the highway and increases to 55 mph. People use this road to gain speed and transition smoothly into the 55+ mph highway. I was nearing the final stoplight before this long stretch and there was already a minivan parked at the red. It turned green as I approached so I continued increasing in speed thinking I'd pass the van anyways and not have to worry about being stuck behind a slow person on the highway. Well what'yaknow, this person peeeeeeels out of the red light and stays ahead of me the entire time. Keep in mind that I was going 49 in this 45 zone. Alright, I give up. I'll let the van go and they'll be damn fast on the highway since they're in such a rush here, right? Nnnnope. They hit the highway and keep that 53 mph they had on the straight-a-way for the ENTIRE TIME. I'm on the high for a long time before I get to my road because I live so far out in the country. I hate you people.

Another thing I hate? People who switch lanes on the highway and don't signal. What, am I expected to know when your exalted ass is switching over and I have to move? Sorry to tell you but I've news for you: your shit does stank. You're not the only person on the highway.

Lastly, though this one doesn't suck as much, I hate it when people stay in that right turn lane that also HAPPENS to connect to the on-ramp for the highway. I stay in a normal "go straight" lane and then signal and switch over to get on the ramp. You people force me to peel out of the light or slam on the brakes to get into that lane to get on the ramp. No, I won't just give in and join you in that lane. That lane was invented to turn right. It continues because people coming OFF the ride you're SUPPOSED to be turning ONTO can then use it to get on the ramp or switch into traffic because they have a yield sign and not the light itself. It would be awkward to just stick a hunk of grass in that cement part you're not supposed to use so they put road there.


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