Thursday, June 3, 2010

A bad compliment

I have a cat named Tigger, and he's like 14. That means he's really 98 or something like that in cat years, if you believe the whole 7-to-1 ratio for cats. Or was that dogs? Either way, he's an old fart of a cat. All he does is fart around the house and sleep. Anyways, even though he's been knockin about on the Earth for quite some time, he still has a youthful face. This lead me to a 10 second or so thought process before my morning cereal that went like this:

Boy does he still have a youthful face. Does that mean cats usually don't age in the face? I think that'd be a good compliment for a woman. "You age like a cat" because then it'd be like saying their face is wrinkle free and youthful, right? No wait, women wouldn't take it like that. They'd probly think I mean the whole 7-to-1 thing and they actually look like they're 27,000 as opposed to 27. That's a bad compliment. What cereal am I eating today?

For the record, I don't remember if dogs are 7-to-1 and cats are like 5-to-1 or something like that. It's not scientific and I'm too lazy to Google.

I am a scientist.

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