Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today's Big Profound Theory

Okay so a few posts back I wrote about the blond one I work with who thinks I'm "super hot!" Well today, as I was washing dishes and minding my own business, she starts in with this amazing theory she came up with. It goes a little something like this: They should "re-legalize marijuana because before it was illegalized" (which is not a word) "there was no cancer." Her evidence for this? "You didn't hear about all this cancer before it was illegalized." ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! I don't even know where to start to point out how many things are wrong with this sentence. I don't have 3 years to name how many flaws there are in her theory. Guess what? Cancer has ALWAYS BEEN AROUND. More causes exist, I will admit that. But she doesn't mean that at all. She just means Marijuana is the cure-all for cancer and because it's "illegalized" everyone's getting it. GUESS FUCKIN WHAT? CAVEMEN GOT CANCER TOO! Cancer has always been around and cells have always been malfunctioning and causing death. It's how things work. Just because you want to get high does not mean that it's a cure-all drug. Sorry to the people who want it legalized but you're gonna need some better fuckin advocates than Genius McAwesometheory on your side.

Rum dums.

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