Sunday, June 6, 2010

Uncle Mikey

Sooo my mom wakes up at 1am and decides to tell me stories while she's hangin out and eating chips and dip. This is how it goes: I have 3 aunts and apparently I had an uncle Mikey. Anyways, Mikey dies and they cremate him and put him in a coffee can in the trunk of their car. Uncle Mikey's ashes stay in that can for a good few months or years or some shit. One night, after the 3 aunts had been out drinkin, they get stuck in the ditch. Now, it's the dead of winter so they're stuck in the snow and they've got no traction. They're also quite intoxicated. What do they decide to do? They lay Uncle Mikey's ashes down underneath the tires and peel on out of there. Problem solved. Uncle Mikey is now one with the Earth.....and their tires. Man I love my family.

Wiggle jiggle.

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